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new Wix Website Design

Steve Lucas, CEO of Soundbite already had a Wix Website up and running but was looking for it to be refreshed. I was help to help redefine Soundbite's core brand colours and focus on building a succinct new identity which I could then apply across the new Wix website. We focused on the client's journey through the website and made sure that all of the key services were easy to find. By using some complimentary and bright highlighting colours we were able to make the 'calls to actions' and key messaging stand out more. 



"I am extremely pleased with the exceptional work that Amy from Badger Bee Design has done on my website

As a Wix website owner, I was in need of a redesign that was clean and well-laid-out. Amy took the time to understand my business needs and target audience, and not only created a beautiful website design but also strategically laid out the key marketing messages to resonate with my website visitors. She was professional, responsive and exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend Amy and Badger Bee Design to anyone looking for a top-quality website design and development service."

—  S.L, Hampshire

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