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Mindfulness in Wales

Logo + branding refresh | new Wix Website Design

Following on from the redesign of Jules Marshall Counselling and Psychotherapy, Jules wanted another Wix website designing for a different branch of her business, Mindfulness in Wales. Therefore to continue the brand of 'Jules Marshall', we kept the logo with the seagull and simply changed the wording underneath. I also introduced a new colour palette that would compliment and be an extension of the Counselling and Psychotherapy brand, therefore I kept one of the colours the same, so there would be a link between the two sites.

This again was a brand new site, so although we were able to really consider how Jules's clients might need to use the site and made sure that it was easy to find out about the different services available.


“Amy created my new website and gave me a brand-new visual identity creating a colour palette that really fit with my business. The feedback I have had from my clients has been fantastic, with comments about, colours, clean lines and ease of movement around the site. During the process she is always polite, courteous and interested in my needs and those of my business. She listens to feedback and responds and offers her expert advice, I trust her judgement completely. ” 

—  J.M, Llandeilo

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