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Communicating your brand

Once you have a clear brand identity it is really important to keep a level of consistency in all of your communications. That way you will start to build trust with your audience as they are able to recognise your brand. 

A way to do this is to ensure that all of your marketing materials, be it flyers, posters or social media, follows your brand 'guidelines' with colours, fonts and imagery.

If this is something that you would like help with then I'd love to hear from you to discuss your requirements.

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communicate your message

Are you looking for Flyers and Posters to send out to your audience and spread your message. 

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Consistent branding

Do you need help giving your instgram grid content an 'on brand' look?

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Frequently asked questions

What social media platforms do you create for?

I can create artwork for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In.

I have specific dimensions is that ok?

Yes! If there a piece of artwork that you would like creting a a specific size then please just ask. If you are looking to get artwork created for display stands, mugs, t-shirts etc. all I would need are the dimensions required by the suppliers.

Are the flyers/posters ready to print?

I supply both the flyers and posters as PDF's so you can attach them to emails and print yourself. If you are looking to get them professionally printed then I would just need the print specification from the printers that you are looking to use. It will usually consist of crop marks (where the artwork is trimmed to) and bleed marks (where the artwork needs to go up to).

Do you print flyers/posters?

I don't offer a print service, but I can create artwork that has the crop and bleed marks if you are looking to use a professional printer.

Do you design business cards?

Yes! If you already have your logo + brand I can design some business cards for you. I would just need to know the dimensions of the cards including the printer marks (crop & bleed), along with the information that you would like included.

Do you provide templates?

Rather than provide templates I create specific social media posts using the content that you want including. What I do is put together a design set for your brand that is agreed and then when you have new content I can update the designs to suit and charge a reduced amount for the edits.