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Logo + branding refresh | new Wix Website Design

Jules Marshall Counselling and Psychotherapy had an existing logo/brand and website, but thought it was time to update it. As it was already an established business she did not want to move too far away from the existing logo, but was happy to look at a new colour scheme. 

I created a new logo with a new font and layout but the icon/symbol of the seagull which I knew was important to Jules remained the same. Previously the brand colour was quite a bright purple. I put together a sophisticated palette that aligned itself with the 'tone of voice' of the business. The colours reflect depth but are also calming with a balance of neutral tones. 

Rather than update her existing Wix website I started again from scratch. This meant that I could look at the navigation of the website and ensure the users journey was considered in the design. The website has an online booking system and newsletter sign-up.


“Amy created my new website and gave me a brand-new visual identity creating a colour palette that really fit with my business. The feedback I have had from my clients has been fantastic, with comments about, colours, clean lines and ease of movement around the site. During the process she is always polite, courteous and interested in my needs and those of my business. She listens to feedback and responds and offers her expert advice, I trust her judgement completely. ” 

—  J.M, Llandeilo

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