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Pet 'Pawtraits'

I create bespoke colourful pet 'pawtraits' out of your favourite picture of your pet. Available in two sizes, A4 and A3 with a choice of colour backgrounds. 



I also create artwork prints to brighten up your home and greetings cards. Click on my 'Etsy Shop'.


pet 'pawtraits'

Do you have a favourite picture of a dearly loved furry friend that you would like translated into a colourful pet 'pawtrait'?

(Frame not included)


Take or choose a photo of your pet. It is important to have natural light and a clear image (not blurry). Also make sure your pet is not obscured by anything. The best angle is eye level for a portrait.

pick a photo

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Send an enquiry form to discuss availability and the size that you are looking for. This will also be where you can choose the colour background and enter the name of the pet.

Send & select

Image by Ioana Han

Invoice sent with your chosen specifications. Payment is required by BACS before production can begin. An image of the final piece will be sent for your approval before printing.

pay & production

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Once you have confirmed that you love your artwork I will send it to print and then post out to you for delivery. 

print & post

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General Info

Size Dimensions

A4 - Portrait 297mm x 210mm - Unframed

A3 - Portrait 420mm x 297mm - Unframed


High quality 230gsm Archival Matt Paper

Lead Time

The production time for a 'Pawtrait' is up to 2 weeks, plus 3-5 days delivery. If it is required for a particular date please do let me know.


Standard Delivery 3-5 days posted by Royal Mail 


Frequently asked questions

Do you do any other sizes?

At the moment the maximum size that I can print is A3. However if you want the image smaller than A3 or A4 then that is a possibility. If you do require a different size please ask and I will see what I can do.

How long does it take?

The Pet 'Pawtraits' up to 2 weeks and then postage can be 3-5 days. So if you do require one for a specific date then please allow enough time.

What type of photo composition is best?

The best compostion of your photo would be a traditional 'portrait' view, so a clear image of the face and upper body taken at eye level. Generally I do not draw the whole figure. It is best to make sure that is not blocked by anything as I don't include and furniture or backgrund objects in the picture. It is always best if you can send through a copy of the image that you would like to be used so I can check the quality and whether it will be something that I can work from.

Do I need profesional photos?

No. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has hundreds of pictures of my pets on my phone. The cameras on phones these days are so good that I can use the images taken on a mobile.

How is the artwork created?

The artwork is hand drawn digitally using the photo provided. I like to use a range of colours that are perhaps not a 'life-like' match. I do stick to the general tones but just like to add a bit more 'colour'!

What if I change my mind about the background colour?

That is not a problem, I will always send through a copy of the image for your approval before it is printed. So the colour of the background can be altered from your original order. Once I have printed the original pawtrait and you decide that you want a different colour background, I would charge an additional print cost.

Can you send directly as a gift?

Absolutely! If you just let me know at the time of ordering that it is a gift and where you would like it sent.

Do you do any other artwork?

Yes! Take a look at my Etsy Shop - More coming soon!!